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Impath Design is an UX and web design membership for brands and startups seeking senior-level design work without the six-figure budget.

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why we're different

Positive user experiences make or break your company’s success, but having an experienced, top-notch designer can break the bank.


We believe designing experiences that impact your customer’s happiness and improve your bottom line begin and end with empathy.


We're not just a faceless design machine, so we partner with you to work on end-to-end journeys based on your user’s needs as well as your stakeholder’s.


We value quality over quantity so you can be confident that your designer is committed to you and your success.


Let's talk membership perks

Lead-level design resource
Your very own designer with 12+ years experience here to consult, strategize, and complete stunning work.
Unlimited design requests*
Add as many requests to your backlog as you need and we’ll fulfill them one by one.
Fast delivery and clear expectations
Most requests are filled within days, not weeks. Plus, your designer will help prioritize and plan deliverables.
Simple and affordable flat monthly rate
Know exactly how much you’ll pay each month without lengthy estimates and hourly rates.
Per project rates if you only need a single engagement
For those not needing ongoing support, we offer transparent rates for common projects.
*Your designer is but a mere human, so just because you add a hundred requests doesn’t mean they’ll all get done in a day


We have everything you need for great product design.

Website & mobile app design
Wireframes & User Journeys
Webflow website (no-code development)
Clickable prototypes
Branding and logos
Design systems & style guides
SaSS interface design
Pitch decks and marketing materials


Unlimited potential at a fixed price.

Impath Design Membership

One monthly rate for a lead-level design partner

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What you get:

Senior UX Designer on retainer

Unlimited design requests on all services*

Two-day turn around*

Bi-weekly check-ins for planning and strategy

Integration into your messaging app

Pause or cancel at anytime

Single Website
starting at
  • 5-7 page Webflow website
  • Copy-writing collaboration
  • 2-4 week turn around
Landing Page
starting at
  • 1-2 page Webflow website
  • Copy-writing collaboration
  • 1-2 week turn around
Brand Identity
starting at
  • Branding workshop with your team
  • Logo design & style guide
  • 2-3 week turn around
UX Audit
starting at
  • Feedback from Senior UXer
  • Current workflows, websites, or apps
  • Action items and improvements
I'm ready, let's do this!
* See FAQs for more details on what "unlimited" means and our turn around times


Impath Design is led by me, Erica McFaul-Erwin, a UX design professional for over 12 years.

As a designer of digital experiences for companies, startups, and organizations of all sizes, I’ve continued to believe on thing – empathy for your users will bring the most impactful products. Design is doing a disservice when it’s sole function is to look nice. Design should serve, should bring purpose, and should convey your values.

I created Impath Design to bring design leadership to your team at a fractional cost and I aim to go far beyond an unlimited supply of designs based on a few loose ideas. We’ll dive into the problems you’re solving, what your users need from you, and design products that meet those needs.

I’m based in Chicago, IL 🐻 and am frequently assisted by Dante, the lazy pitbull 🐶, and iced coffee.


Our design work makes an impact.

“Erica has a kind of magic where she listens really well and is able to hear the things I’m thinking but don’t actually say.  That has consistently resulted in a more complete work product than I had even known to ask for.  It also helps that she’s an absolute pleasure to work with - a highly collaborative and accountable professional.  It’s my pleasure to recommend her to anyone who needs a real partner in this space."

Jill Michal
CEO & Co-Founder, Kith + Kin

"Erica stepped in to seamlessly help me translate what was in my brain to a useful and functional application. She asked the right questions and thought of things I never could have though of. She worked closely with our development team and that collaboration helped moved her designs from mockup to reality in a snap."

Molly Moore
CEO, Bramble

“Erica never just gives you a design, she delivers an experience. Her wireframes are meticulously designed and very well documented which speeds up development.”

Chris Zukowski
UX & Creative Leader


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